Carports and Garages
We have three basic styles of buildings. Our Regular Style has curved rounded corners and is our most economical. Our Boxed Eve Style is our mid-range building style and looks a bit more like your traditional house style roof. Last is our Vertical Roof Style which is our top of the line version of our buildings which has a boxed eve and your roof panels will run vertical to the roof.   
Our standard sizes are anywhere from 12 to 40 feet wide in a clear span, meaning no center supports are necessary. Our Barn Styles offer more options for wider widths and capacity. We have so many options available for enclosing all or part of these structures. You can order your building up to 40 feet wide and as long as you can dream!

All of our steel carports and garages are made with 26 gauge panels and are designed to meet the various wind codes required for anywhere in Florida. This means anywhere from a basic 150 MPH all the way up to 180 MPH! Engineered drawings are included at no additional cost to you. We have a large display on site for your inspection; the best way to shop is to come see for yourself. Contact or visit us today for more information about our carports, garages and other steel structures. Contact or visit us today for more information about our carports, garages and other steel structures. 
Regular Style
Rounded corners, horizontal roof panels. The “basic” of carport designs. Typically the most economical and affordable product.
Boxed Eave Style
“A” frame, horizontal roof panels. An upgrade from Regular style that is both stylish and affordable. Looks a bit more like your traditional house style roof.
Vertical Roof Style
Our top of the line version, “A” frame, vertical roof panels. Prevents rain, leaves and other debris from “standing” on your building.

We Offer the Best in Aluminum & Steel Buildings!

Utility Carports
Utility Carports, also known as Shedports, are designed for individuals who not only want to safely and securely store their small possessions, but also to be able to keep larger assets and vehicles in an open, but still protected area. The room on our utility carports can be used for storage as well as a small workshop. Based on your needs, we can enclose 5 ft., 10 ft., or 15 ft. lengths. 
Our garage buildings come in many various styles, shapes and sizes. Steel buildings offer an inexpensive way to create a large, enclosed workspace. Protect your possessions from the elements in your customized workshop, man-cave, she-shed.  
Our metal barns are not your grandfather’s old-fashioned wood building. These steel structures will store your livestock, hay and horses and a lot more. We have three different barn designs, Seneca, Carolina, or Horse Barns, one of which we are sure will suit your needs.
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